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I’m Ben. Hungry Bear Digital is my team that I run to do ads. As a remote marketer from Australia living in Thailand. I help US, UK and APAC-based SMEs expand their businesses through inbound lead generation and brand awareness campaigns.With over 10+ years experience and over $3m USD+ revenue responsibility, I take a hands-on ownership of my campaign strategies and results.

I also have extensive experience marketing automation expert, familiar with most CRMs and email marketing platforms like GoHighLevel, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign and MailChimp etc. This helps you squeeze the most juice from the orange, gaining the maximum return on your leads with sales/marketing automation.Get in touch and let’s put together a plan to get the results that you are looking for.

  • MBA-level marketing qualified

  • $3m+ revenue responsibility

  • 10+ years marketing management experience

  • Top-100 rated marketing podcast host

  • Published industry expert

Our Services

Lead Generation Campaigns

Organic (unpaid) social media marketing can only grow business so much before it becomes tiring, or requires expensive internal resources to create.Paid social media advertising helps you increase local and national enquiries by promoting compelling ads which the social algorithms push to the highest converting audiences.Lead generation campaigns work by creating ads that make contacts who are close to buying or engaging your service raise their hand by completing a form, responding in a comment or calling you.

Example clients include:

  • Online coaches (professional, health, etc)

  • Training Academies and Schools (Pilates studios, professional, etc)

  • Local Services (junk removal, legal, moving, videography etc)

Our Services

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Brand awareness for driving future purchases is becoming more popular in 2024. Even for digital-only brands that were typically successful only with direct sales orientated campaigns.Brand awareness campaigns help make your target market prefer and reach out to you when ready, by exposing them to content they like at a high (but not annoying) frequency.We also offer the 'media-buy' only component of this work, in order to partner with other agencies and strategiests.

Example clients include:

  • Brand strategy agencies

  • Partner marketing agencies

  • National services

  • Consumer brands


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