Content Marketing

Content Marketing leverages interesting, trust-building content to build databases, nurture contacts, and generate conversions.

How does Content Marketing work?

Content marketing works by offering prospective and existing clients content of value in return for:

  • A) information such as their email or details on their position and company circumstances, or;
  • B) in order to trigger a desired response such as likes, shares, and comments.

For example, a professional services firm may offer access to reports in return for a prospective client’s email so that the prospective client can be contacted to see if there is an interest in the firm’s services.

Another example may be where an online store develops a viral graphic on a particular topic to solicit likes, shares and comments and in turn generate awareness for their brand.

What is Content Marketing good for?

Content marketing can be used to support different objectives:

  • List building
  • Direct response sales of products and services
  • Awareness building
  • Information gathering, qualification of prospects

What is the process?

Most content campaigns follow this process of 5 steps:

  1. Identification of the target audience and objective
  2. Research and planning of the offer and funnel
  3. Development of the content and funnel
  4. Testing and approval
  5. Launch, promotion, engagement and analysis

How much does it cost?

In short, content marketing packages start from $500 per month.

Generally, however, content marketing costs are driven by three factors:

  • Strategic research on what content works and what to offer
  • Development of the content
  • Promotions

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