Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the leveraging of digital tools to automate connections, information sharing and manual tasks.

Why use marketing automation?

With marketing automation, you can:

  • Scale marketing efforts
  • Make marketing more efficient or optimised
  • Reduce manual labour or effort

Some examples of automation in practice include:

  • Removing data entry by integrating forms and contact points with database
  • Providing centralised information about a client or prospect
  • Automate routine tasks, such as monthly reports
  • Automating communication, such as project updates and tasks completed
  • Leveraging technology to collect client data, such as files and documents
  • Removing friction in the consultation process
  • Automatically requesting reviews
  • Creating workflows of client contact, such as a new client welcome, which run with the press of a button

With proper leveraging of tools (new and existing), a single initiative can save a fee earner multiple hours of non-fee earning tasks per month.

How does it work?

Automation projects usually follow the same general procedure:

  1. Discovery and mutual agreement on your requirements, objectives and key results
  2. Research and planning, considering the availability of tools and your internal resources
  3. Plan review and acceptance, together with you and or your team
  4. Development and implementation
  5. Quality and stress testing
  6. Completion and optional ongoing maintenance

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